A ‘tip top’ swag shop for TiPJAR’s hospitality tipping revolution

TiPJAR® is an award-winning cashless tipping system at the heart of the hospitality industry used to reward staff in a fair, responsible, and safe way. Its purpose is to help tip workers in our increasingly cashless society.

TiPJAR’s pioneering technology enables people visiting hospitality venues to scan a unique QR code and ‘tip’ staff without the need for physical cash. Businesses in the hospitality sector, such as BrewDog, can also utilise the system to reward and motivate their staff.

Already a customer of THEMPC, SwagOnline’s sister company, TiPJAR expressed their requirement for a webshop that would initially facilitate the fast and efficient fulfilment of their onboarding packs to their new hospitality clients. The webshop also needed to give existing customers the ability to purchase further personalised print materials, on demand, such as strut cards with their unique venue QR tipping code.

Importantly, TIPJAR didn’t want to manage stock or shipping internally, so required an all-encompassing outsourced solution, not just an eCommerce software site.

Cooking up a storm for webshop software and inventory management

Although there were several complex requirements to satisfy, TiPJAR stipulated that the customer experience needed to be effortless and on-brand.

So, to provide TiPJAR customers with the ability to purchase personalised materials for their hospitality venue on demand, a responsive webshop platform was developed using WooCommerce, with further integrations to our unique SwagOnline technology. The eCommerce solution is hosted and managed by SwagOnline but embedded on a TIPJAR domain to retain TIPJAR’s brand autonomy.

The platform’s purchasing engine was designed to be secure, functional and straightforward to use. TiPJAR customers simply need to enter their unique TiPJAR shortcode, which automatically applies their company’s QR code (used for the tipping process) to all ordered materials. Payments are administered via Stripe with the ability to use promo codes and discounts at checkout.

After payment is taken, the order, gets instantly issued through our SwagOnline merchandise management system and the personalised materials are printed on demand and shipped direct to the correct venues.

Entirely outsourced to SwagOnline, the process is completed without any need for involvement from the TiPJAR team, leaving them to focus their efforts on their global mission to reward workers.

Taking on a challenge with a swagger in our step

At SwagOnline we like to rise to a challenge and solve problems for our customers, providing seamless and simplified solutions. Two of the key challenges we brainstormed and resolved were:

  • Reducing delivery charges – we made adjustments to the webshop software to ensure customers were charged the minimum shipping costs
  • Enhanced security – we embedded some additional code so only TiPJAR clients could purchase materials through the site

Just what TiPJAR ordered!

The entire project was completed within 3 months and delivered the following results:

  • All new TiPJAR customers onboarding pack packs delivered efficiently to strengthen the initial bond between client and brand
  • When TiPJAR customers need to purchase more personalised materials they can do so on demand and with ease, directly through the TiPJAR webshop
  • With most items printed on demand, TiPJAR and its customers enjoy more cost-effective pricing for print, as well a big thumbs up for sustainability

What does the future hold? There are plans to add many more items to the TiPJAR webshop, such as: Foamex boards for buskers, which can have their own QR code printed to receive cashless payments and lanyards for hairstylists tips! The opportunities for this game changing brand are limitless.

Angelique Carney, Head of Marketing at TiPJAR® commented: 

“Our webshop is much more than a place to purchase personalised printed materials. It keeps the world of cashless tipping looking in ‘tip top’ condition. Our customers love it because it’s effortless to order and printed materials get delivered with no fuss, leaving us, and our customers, to focus on motivating and rewarding staff.”

SwagOnline ecommerce inventory management software provides TiPJAR with a completely hassle-free solution to manage their customers’ needs from order placement through to fulfilment.

To find out more about how SwagOnline can revolutionise your web shop contact our team of friendly experts on 01256 352415.

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