Supercharge campaigns with dynamic budget control, reporting and lead generation tools

Control your swag budgets with ease

Some people think that outsourcing or automating their campaign and merchandise management will mean they lose control of their budgets.

SwagOnline is a merchandise management platform that takes the design, print and fulfilment of marketing assets off your hands – but you stay in the driving seat when it comes to spend.

  • Authorise different user access levels
  • Set and control budgets per user
  • Empower a wide range of departments in your organisation, including sales and marketing teams, to run campaigns easily
  • Win back time and resource wasted on inefficient campaign management
  • Say goodbye to time consuming stock checks
Get valuable insights and metrics

Invigorate your campaign strategy with easily accessible and customised reports, conveniently built-in to your SwagOnline merchandise management portal.

See what’s performing or selling best, achieving the most engagement, smashing targets and giving your organisation an impressive ROI.

  • Get metrics on your swags performance
  • Track spending and budgets to make planning easier
  • Run management reports for sales and marketing campaigns and expenditure
  • Measure your success to see where you should invest more or less in future

Our SwagOnline platform also incorporates warehouse inventory management software functionality, so you can view live inventory and get alerts to manage and replenish campaign stock in an efficient and timely way.

Sophisticated lead generation tools

SwagOnline is more than just a merchandise management system, it enables you to easily manage lead generation campaign activity.

  • Drive conversions with highly personlised swag
  • Re-engage customers – upsell and cross sell with targeted campaigns
  • Generate campaign analysis to support lead generation and sales team follow-up
  • Integrates with your CRM, keeping your sales team up-to-date on customer and prospect swag and campaign activity

Our team of friendly and knowledgeable experts are also always on-hand with unique lead generation ideas for your swag and campaigns.

To learn more about how SwagOnline can improve your business performance and support your lead generation marketing activities, call us on 01256 352415 to or email