Why you need SwagOnline

We often hear of the administrative burden fulfilment and distribution of marketing materials has on precious business hours. This is evermore relevant now with a shift to the continuation of remote working and the need to outsource these responsibilities. Marketing collateral is a vital tool for businesses, whether this be printed brochures and datasheets or your latest company merchandise which you want to present to prospects, customers, resellers or end users.

Merchandise is a powerful sales tool in ensuring your brand is remembered but more efficient ways of distributing these items are what businesses need. With busy marketing calendars, multiple events, sales kick offs, customer, reseller or end user presentations SwagOnline has been designed with you in mind and its benefits are already being seen by businesses using our software.

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24/7 Ordering Available

Real-Time Stock Management

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How it works

SwagOnline has all your physical marketing assets listed in one place giving you access to order items for events, marketing campaigns or customer giveaways. You can control, who has access and allocate budgets by department or user, the system can even be used by your customers as a partner marketing portal giving them direct access to your collateral.

With no contract, flexible access control and a user friendly interface, we are confident SwagOnline will be the merchandise management tool you cannot live without. SwagOnline can be set up for your business in a few simple steps:

Easy registration

We will take control of uploading your products, stock levels and user access to quickly integrate SwagOnline into your business

Upload your assets

Ship your stock to us or have us create new assets. We will also catalogue your products, take an initial stock count and upload to the site ready for your users to order

User training

The system is so straightforward that after a quick overview you will be ready to go

Manage Users

Control access levels, create multiple users groups and manage monthly spend

Stock Management

Automated low stock alerts, minimal stock obsolescence and intelligent kit build feature

Campaign Management

Bespoke event registration pages and integrated/automated event pack shipping with 2-stage authentication

Swag Online Image
System Control

Implement order approval loops - Allocate budgets by user or department to manage cost centres

Brand Bank

Maintain brand guidelines, control digital assets/resources and print on demand

Order History

Integrate reporting by user, group or region, analyse product usage with tracking details in one place

SwagOnline is fully customisable and can be adapted to suit your specific business requirements

So how much does this system cost?

We are confident that the SwagOnline system will not only streamline your business it will also save you money. With centralised purchasing you can benefit from cost savings when manufacturing your merchandise and printed collateral and protect your brand identity by ensuring that your brand remains consistent on all items.

With no contract and a competitively priced monthly commitment it will soon become the system your business could not do without!


  • Up to 20 users
  • 40 products
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  • Up to 75 users
  • 150 products
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  • Up to 200 users
  • 500 products
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