Successful brands use marketing campaign management software

SwagOnline – campaign management solutions to help your brand shine

Campaigns come in all shapes and sizes but they all have one thing in common – managing them takes up a lot of time and resource.

Fortunately, there’s campaign management software available to take the legwork out of managing a lead generation campaign, new product launches, exhibitions, virtual events, training days and many other big moments of opportunity in your business calendar…

SwagOnline is a revolutionary merchandise management platform that allows you to organise your marketing collateral and campaigns in one central location – from design, to print, to fulfilment and delivery.

Experience the benefits of SwagOnline marketing campaign management software

Campaign ‘swag’ (stuff we all get) can include anything from printed promotional assets to virtual event goody bags and new product launch kits, as well as branded clothing, drinkware, stationery and tech featuring your logo and/or key message.

Use SwagOnline for your campaign management and enjoy:

  • All your physical marketing assets listed in one place
  • Easy access to upload and order items for events, campaigns, launches and giveaways
  • Creative artwork design and merchandise sourcing for new items
  • Offsite storage and outsourced print, pick and pack
  • Quick and economical print on demand – less waste
  • Personalisation to stand out from competitors and get your brand noticed
  • Easy and cost-effective global shipping from hubs in the UK and within the EU
  • Full control of user access levels and spend
  • A brand bank to maintain brand guidelines
  • Hassle-free return of campaign stock from events
Getting started is easy

Stellar campaigns have the power to improve your brand image and enhance your customer and employee journey. First-rate lead generation marketing will help you convert prospects and retention campaigns will hold onto them.

Make it all happen more easily with SwagOnline marketing campaign management software.

  • Send your campaign goodies to us – we’ll do a full stock count
  • Tell us if there’s anything new you’d like us to design, source, and print
  • Set up your campaign and event requirements in Swagonline – and we’ll take care of everything else

Some campaign management systems and lead generation tools force you to work in a certain way but SwagOnline is fully customisable so we can adapt it to your business needs.

Call SwagOnline on 01256 352415 or email to learn more about how our marketing campaign management software will help your business succeed.